Blurring the lines between fiction and reality, Awaiting Oblivion... follows the story of AO, an anonymous street artist who has tasked Tim and Jeffrey with the creation of a performance as a way to share AO’s “temporary solutions” for existing within our collapsing empire. Inspired by creative processes developed by the 60’s Fluxus art movement, each “temporary solution” is a visual/textual poem contained in a flux kit (a cigar box collaged with stenciled imagery and type written letters). We follow Tim, Jeffrey, and AO in a flurry of street art, secret messages, and performance scores in a poetic, radical fight for survival. 

Collaborators: Skylar Tatro, Salo, Alice Gosti, Estee Clifford, Alyza DelPan-Monley, Lauren Hester, Tristan Roberson

Awaiting Oblivion... premiered at On the Boards (Seattle) in February of 2017 and toured to the Time Based Art Festival (Portland, OR) in 2018.

Awaiting Oblivion—

Temporary Solutions for surviving the dystopian future we find ourselves within at present